Are Lack of Automated Processes Costing You Thousands of Dollars?

Are Lack of Automated Processes Costing You Thousands of Dollars?

Well if you or your employees are spending large amounts of time performing low-value repetitive tasks daily, the short answer might be… YES!

The signs are often very clear.

  1. Do your manual tasks follow a simple pattern or formula?
  2. Are you repeatedly performing work that is NOT contributing to the growth of your business?
  3. Do you often find yourself engaging in tasks that are the same, day in and day out?
  4. Are you manually collecting and processing data? Eg: Mortgage brokers spend a significant amount of their time simply processing applications as opposed to high value tasks such as advising clients and generating new business.
  5. Do you get a niggling feeling that your primary responsibilities could easily be outsourced or automated?

If you found yourself nodding along and agreeing to most of these questions, there might be an opportunity for you and your business to save a great deal of money.

While not EVERY solution may come in the shape of software, we have found an increasing number of businesses can in fact greatly benefit from a simple software solution.


Is your business INEFFICIENT?

The best way to know where these inefficiencies exist is by going straight to the source.

Ask your employees:

  1. How are they currently allocating their time?
  2. How would they assign their tasks to the following 3 categories? High Value, Medium Value, Low Value.

If you find large portions of their time are being spent on low or medium value tasks, is there scope to automate them?

This could be the first step in building a more lean and efficient business while giving your staff the chance to work on growing your business to the next level.


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