Fuda Order Management System (FOMS)


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Wholesale Meat Supplier

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)
  • Web Development
The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of this system, Fuda Group was utilising mostly paper based methods to manage orders, fulfilment and delivery. This resulted in cases of human error when manually processing orders. Further to this, the high paced chaotic nature of warehouse fulfilment meant that the papers that orders were written down on would sometimes be damaged or lost resulting in lost time and inefficiency.

The Solution

The Solution

Lokava worked with the founder of Fuda Group to develop a digital cloud based system to help process, fulfil and deliver orders to customers. This system consists of a web based backend for use by Fuda staff as well as iOS/Android mobile apps for Fuda customers. Orders placed on the app flow into the fulfilment system where Fuda staff can allocate orders for fulfilment and delivery. This is done in the warehouse using iPads. Each step of the process is tracked on the system so that the staff at Fuda clearly know when an order hasn’t been fulfilled, is in the process of being fulfilled or completed being fulfilled. Colour coding was used to make this visually identifiable at a glance. The mobile app for customers was designed to be as user friendly as possible and make re-ordering items very easy. This is primarily due to the fact that orders are often very similar week in week out with only slight changes to produce or quantities. The app was also designed to be bi-lingual, offering language support for both English and Simplified Chinese.

Case Study

The Results

The end result is an end to end system which has helped Fuda Group overhaul their processes and make the running of their business exponentially more efficient and thus saving costs in the long run. It has also provided a much easier means for customers to place/manage orders instead of calling in and ordering over the phone.

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