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The Challenge

The Challenge

With numerous staff working off-site on multiple projects at differing sites, our client needed an efficient and simple way to keep track of staff and the jobs that they were working on. Their existing process involved time consuming data entry by a single person as job updates were received from offsite workers via SMS. All communication was done via phone, email or sms resulting in information overload. The client required a more efficient method whereby they could: 1. Receive and track detailed information about the jobs their staff were working on. 2. View job information using search filters (e.g: weekly/monthly calendars). 3. Send push notifications to all staff alerting them of important updates.

The Solution

The Solution

After in depth discussions with the client, Lokava identified that a cloud based system comprising of a mobile app and web based admin portal would be the best fit. The app would be used by offsite company staff while the admin staff at the office would have access to the web based admin portal to manage the app, scheduling and reporting.

Case Study

The Results

The system implemented allowed offsite staff to view details on the jobs that they had scheduled for the coming week, create entries against a job as work was performed (inc photos and notes) and lastly view entry details from previous work performed on jobs to quickly get up to speed on the current status. The admin staff were able to easy schedule jobs for offsite staff, view submitted job information and lastly run reports to keep stakeholders informed. Ultimately, the goal of this system was to improve productivity and recover hours of lost time every week due to inefficient/manual processes. The MWP team have advised that the system has transformed the way they work!

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