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The Challenge

The Challenge

The Neurospine Clinic needed data on the distances patients had been walking, the number of calories they had burnt and how much they had been sleeping. This data was important in measuring patient mobility and recovery progress. The data had to be captured without being intrusive for patients whilst also being simple for clinicians to access and analyse.

The Solution

The Solution

Apple has made great strides in the healthcare space and their HealthKit SDK allows developers to extract valuable health related data from both a user’s iPhone and Apple Watch. The Neurospine Clinic already had a FitBit based solution for non-iPhone/Apple Watch users and so the Lokava team helped with the development of an iOS app for Apple users. A patient could simply use the app on their iPhone which would automatically track the number of steps they had taken, distances walked and how much they had been sleeping. This data would then be automatically sent to a web based admin portal built specifically for staff at the Neurospine clinic to review and interpret. The clinic also wanted the ability to remind patients that they should be taking a minimum of 1000 steps on a daily basis. Therefore the app was designed to send a push notification to any users who had not met this requirement at 8AM the following day to remind them to keep moving.

Case Study

The Results

The project was delivered successfully and the Neurospine team was incredibly pleased with the results! A research paper was subsequently drafted and released which outlined the findings of the study:

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